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The popular show, Jack Off has officially been retired. It was a great run! Reality Productions would like to take this opportunity to send out a special THANK YOU to all who helped produce the Jack Off series.


Schedule of Events

Location to meet
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Orange City Denny's on Saxon Blvd.
Monday, January 16, 2006
officially 12:00am 1/15/06
request your copy of Jack Off volumes 1 - 8 (this is the official release)
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
officially 12:00am 12/21/06
Jack Off 10 is finished

A special thanks goes out to the good people of...
Dunkin Donuts Orange City!

now available...
  • Jack Off      (running time- 1hour)
  • Jack Off 2   (running time- 1 hour)
  • Jack Off 3   (running time- 1 hour)
  • Jack Off 4   (running time- 1 hour)
  • Jack Off 5   (running time- 2 hours)
  • Jack Off 6   (running time- 2 hours)
  • Jack Off 7   (running time- 2 hours)
  • Jack Off 8   (running time- 2 hours)
  • Jack Off 9   (running time- 2 hours)
  • Jack Off 10 (running time- 2 hours) 


in production...

  • Jack Off "The Best Of"

Jack Off DVD's are finally here! The Official Release Date is Monday, January 16, 2006. Request your copy today. Volumes, 1 - 8 are available on DVD only. Jack Off, Jack Off 2, Jack Off 3, and Jack Off 4 are $5.00 each with a running time of 1 hour. Jack Off 5, Jack Off 6, Jack Off 7,Jack Off 8, Jack Off 9, and Jack Off 10 are $8.00 each with a running time of 2 hours.


Interested in joining our crew? Send Reality Productions an e-mail and tell us a little about yourself.

For years now we've been making comedy/stunt/action films, way before other large corporations started! Jack Off is a series of films designed to captivate thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. This is the real deal! We started the trend, then got copied before we could mass produce. But that's ok, you'll love us better! Jack Off isn't just a series, it's a way of life, a culture, an addiction, and it's REAL!


Jack Off Volume Info

Reality Productions presents


A Film By Brad


Jack Off


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” The Dunes
  2. Some Stupid Crap
  3. Bring Me The Helmet Of Safety
  4. Nick Gets A Bath
  5. Interview With Nick
  6. Back At The Dunes
  7. The Dunes During The Rain
  8. Jack Offians Visit A Theme Park
  9. I’m English
  10. Frightening The Tourists
  11. 1-800-555-MEAT
  12. Homeless Cribs
  13. KC Gets A Bath
  14. This Is Going To Hurt
  15. B-Rad Rides The Shopping Cart Swing “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 2


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” KC Totals Her Car
  2. Interview With Moo
  3. Why Do You Want To See Me In A Diaper
  4. Camry Skating
  5. Off-Roading Camry
  6. Introducing Jizzle’s Hairy Ass
  7. Shopping Cart Camry
  8. Back When K-Thursdays Was The Place To Be
  9. Hurricane Follies
  10. My Dingy
  11. Drifting “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 3


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” Breakdancing
  2. New Years Eve 2004 Theme Park Style
  3. Almost 2005
  4. Jack Offians Visit The Zoo
  5. The Florida Swamp Yeti
  6. Cone Pissing
  7. B-Ritton’s Ass Cruise By
  8. Dumpster Diving
  9. Manhunt Parking Lot
  10. My Sunfire Can Beat Your Civic
  11. Cavadrifter
  12. Wheelbarrow Jockeying
  13. Cabinet Door Drifting “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 4


Chapter list:


1.      “Opening Title” Phone Phun

2.      Jelly Belly

3.      Sunfire Humiliation

4.      Burnouts

5.      Ryan’s 240 Runs A 13.8

6.      Jamie Gets Her Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

7.      B-Rad In A Dragster

8.      And Here’s Your Hosts With Invisible Microphones

9.      Taking You Back To The Early Eighties

10.  A Jack Off Flash Back

11.  Brice Verses Rick

12.  Beach Beauties

13. A Tour Of A Theme Park “Closing Credits”


Jack Off 5


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” Cardboard Is Not Your Friend
  2. More Stunts To Make You Bleed
  3. Appliance Violence
  4. Catching The Lugie
  5. Dude My Car
  6. Muddy Dunes
  7. Drifting Someone Else’s Car
  8. Redneck Shower
  9. Beach Balls
  10. Testing The Bed Boat
  11. The Street Racer
  12. Three Cents Of Gas
  13. Special Assignment
  14. More Special Assignments
  15. One More Special Assignment
  16. The Helper
  17. Traffic Stopper
  18. A Look Back
  19. More Looking Back
  20. Still More Looking Back
  21. Still Looking Back
  22. Dude Still Looking Back
  23. Oh Man Still Looking Back
  24. Ok Dude Seriously This Is The Last Of The Looking Back
  25. Jack Off American Premier “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 6


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” Energy Drink Junkie
  2. Chuck This Shit
  3. Bottoming Out
  4. Parking Lot Dancing
  5. UK’s Trunk Date
  6. Parking Lot Fun
  7. Jizzle’s Graduation Party
  8. More Of Jizzle’s Graduation Party
  9. Rob Interviews Brianna At Jizzle’s Graduation Party
  10. Storm Fun
  11. Zeke Mack Attack
  12. Hurricane Skim Boarding
  13. Getting Muddy In A Skirt
  14. Lunchtime Dancing
  15. Fitness Sux
  16. Zeke Takes A Truck Without Permission
  17. B-Randon Gets Stuck On A Pipe
  18. Parking Lot Clean Up
  19. Beach Football With Strangers
  20. WTF
  21. Dave’s Birthday Party In O-Town
  22. The Go-Cart Track Where Drifting Is Encouraged
  23. Thump Stunts
  24. Taco Gratitude “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 7


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” B-Rad And KC At Work
  2. Party At Nismo’s House
  3. Just Another Day At A Theme Park
  4. Beach House Party 2005
  5. KC’s Birthday Party
  6. Funny Signs
  7. The Incident B-Rad Doesn’t Like To Talk About
  8. The Incident B-Rad Doesn’t Like To Talk About Talked About
  9. Picking Jizzle Up At The Airport
  10. Car Dancing
  11. Interview With TGWTA
  12. A Look Back At B-Rad’s Past
  13. Our Tour Bus
  14. The Ugliest Hooker
  15. I’m A Honky
  16. Phat Pad (the Sitcom that almost happened)
  17. Ice Cream Night
  18. The Ice Cream Bandit
  19. Interview With Cricket
  20. Horror Movies B-Rad Made When He Was Like Fourteen
  21. Sasafras Tea (B-Rad’s first film)
  22. Sasfras Tea (continued)
  23. We’ve All Done It
  24. When B-Ritton’s Toys Attack
  25. “Closing Credits”

Jack Off 8


Chapter list:


  1. “Opening Title” W.O.W. Wild Olive Weekends
  2. Beach House Party (the aftermath)
  3. Jizzle Gets Pranked
  4. Fun At The Perrymans
  5. Partee At Robs
  6. Now That’s A Really Big Pizza
  7. Zeke And B-Rad Have A Dance Off
  8. Boredom Turns To News Reporting
  9. Slam Dunk
  10. B-Rad Goes To Georgia
  11. Scenes Of Georgia
  12. Views From The Backyard
  13. Hanging Out With The Cushman Club In Georgia And North Carolina
  14. A Boat Ride
  15. The Chatuge Dam
  16. Driving Fast Through The Mountains
  17. Fish B-Rad Caught
  18. Rob’s Parent’s House
  19. Wrestling At Craig And Amanda’s House
  20. Troy And Sam Like To Wrestle A Little Too Much
  21. Zeke’s Night On The Town
  22. More Dancing With Zeke
  23. Another Party At Nismo’s House
  24. Jizzle’s Hotel Party Pee Festival
  25. Jizzle Gets Pranked Again “Closing Credits”

Video Covers: (click on the picture for a larger view)